Denmar Consulting offers highly skilled project management solutions for the foundation of any growing business. Our continuously expanding services are designed to streamline the management of teams, schedules, and finances. We consult in the areas of: accounting, taxes, payroll, and human resources management. Our support for project life cycle management includes:

Deliverable Management

Denmar Consulting actively participates in deliverable management so that each project benchmark is met fully and on time. Consultants support project team members to meet deadlines, while also engaging in robust planning, ongoing communication, and frequent check-ins to ensure smooth project flow.

Progress Report Oversight

Denmar Consulting handles detailed progress report oversight to make sure the work of all team members is recognized and valued, while keeping management closely informed on a project’s progress and any challenges that develop.

Budget Enforcement​

We know that budget management is a primary function. Denmar Consulting excels in finance enforcement procedures and practices, making sure that each project is completed within budget while meeting all requirements.

Post Project Review​

We will analyze the project at its completion and determine what elements were successful and what aspects of the process can be improved or adjusted for the next project.

Meeting Attendance

Our consultants attend every meeting relevant to project oversight weekly, or more often if necessary. Denmar Consulting believes that active presence in client meetings is the best way not only to stay up to date on the project, but also to maintain rapport and communication with the client’s team.

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